My Christmas Decor

Hello reader friends! Since I made a post about my fall decor during Blogtober, I decided I just have to do a Christmas decor post as well!

I know the centerpiece of most Christmas decor is the Christmas tree, but this year I will probably not have a tree. I simply have no clue where I would put it. Normally I have one of those small ones, but every corner of my room is already full of furniture or other stuff! Instead I decided to buy a tiny tree, which you can see down here!

Christmas tree and Christmas decor

Keeping my wee little tree company are my prized snow globe and some of my favorite winter candles! Plus my jar of jingle bells. Add some Christmas lights to that, and you’re all set!

When I still lived in our old house, I didn’t have space for a Christmas tree either. So instead I decided to spray paint a large branch white and hang it from the ceiling with Christmas decorations dangling from it. It looked really awesome! Unfortunately I don’t think our current landlord will be quite happy if I drill holes in her ceiling…

Most years, my Christmas aesthetic has been white, gold, and silver. And you can tell from my ornaments! I have two favorites: a very nice silver pinecone shaped ornament, and my cable-knit pattern Starbucks cup ornament. Two very different things, but they’re both so cute!

My bookshelf is honestly the only place I ever put my Christmas decor. But then, my bookshelves are truly the centerpiece of my room, haha. Here are some more closeups of my shelves!

And of course, I can’t leave out a picture of my full shelves. You’ll notice that I have some more Christmas trinkets spread out on my shelves. I particularly like my white pinecones. They fit my winter aesthetic so well! And of course I got them at Michael’s during their big 50% off Christmas sale, so they were dirt cheap too.

Bookshelves with Christmas decor

And that’s it for today! What are your favorite Christmas decorations to use? Did you decorate your house yet? Let me know!

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