My Bookish Confessions and Unpopular Opinions

Every now and then you have so spill the tea. Even if it’s about yourself. This post is all about my bookish confessions and unpopular opinions! I don’t think I have any extreme opinions, but I also hope I don’t end up on the stake, haha.

I like the Lord of the Rings movies better than the books

This is definitely one of the most unpopular opinions in my friend group. Once upon a time before I was an avid reader I saw the Lord of the Rings movies and I really enjoyed them. I have seen them numerous times since, went to movie marathons, and even bought some LotR merchandise. But I just can’t seem to get into the books. Some people tell me I just need to get through the first 100-200 pages or so, but the truth is that I don’t have time for that, and I’d rather read something I like from the beginning.

Old books are gross

You know those big, musty tomes you see in second hand bookstores sometimes? I get the shivers even thinking about them. They look aesthetically pleasing for sure, but I can’t help but think of all the dust and other microscopic creatures living in the pages. Ew.

Sassy characters get childish real quick

I love a character with a little bit of sass if the timing and context is right. But if every sentence coming out of their mouth has to be something sarcastic it just gets childish real quick. It’s a no for me. Ot maybe I’m just old and grumpy and don’t relate to the sarcastic teenager anymore.

Juliette and Mare are tied for most annoying characters*

*In their respective second books. They both get out of their oppressive situation and suddenly become incredibly entitled and bratty. I really enjoy both the Shatter Me and Red Queen series, but the second books in both were really hard to get through for me. With that said I loved the rest of both series and War Storm especially doesn’t get the love it deserves.

I don’t like realistic characters

Here and there a debate will pop up about realistic characters and what a real person would do. I mainly read fantasy and science fiction, so I don’t care about realism at all. Give me teenagers that slay dragons! Or rule countries! Or instantly fall in love (I’ve done that)! If I want to read about real people I’d read non-fiction.

I love cheesy space operas and 80’s vampire stories

The more cliche, the better. I’m not even sure this is a real unpopular opinion, but I don’t know a lot of people that read these books either. They’re just so fun to read and hilariously inappropriate. One of my favorite series is Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch, and while it technically doesn’t count as space opera at all, it involves super hot aliens. That should say enough. The plot is really thick though, that also helps.

I dislike contemporary YA

One of my most unpopular opinions, even to myself… I just don’t like contemporary YA. I don’t really care about romance, and a lot of other books are too real for me. Reading for me is an escape and I don’t really want to read about issues we have in real life as well. I suspect it has something to do with me being a political scientist, and I’m always up to my elbows in what’s wrong with the world anyway. Give me dragons.

Sometimes final installments are kind of boring

I admit that sometimes I have my rose colored glasses on when it comes to final installments in series. I’d love the previous books, but if I’m really hones with myself, the final books were not all that I made it out to be. My latest example is the Queen of Nothing (you can find my review here). I just don’t feel like anything happened? Another example is Five Dark Fates. I can’t even remember what happened in that book, and I only read it three months ago.

I do believe that is it for now. Is there anything on here you agree with? What are your own unpopular book opinions?

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