My 2021 Winter Bucket List

Happy Thursday book friends! So even though we’ll spend much of December in ~lockdown-type measures~ (but it’s not a real lockdown), I still wanted to make a little winter bucket list, because surely there are many things I can do that don’t require me to leave the house.

Last year I didn’t make a winter bucket list, because, well, it was 2020. And I was overall a mess and wouldn’t have done a single thing anyway. But this year I’m feeling a little more active! I looked back on my 2019 holiday bucket list and got a little sad that I’m no longer in DC. I would’ve loved to attend some winter festivities, but I think that that’s not going to happen this year.

Nevertheless, I still compiled a small list of things that I could totally do this winter!

1 – Bake and decorate some sugar cookies

I love sugar cookies; they’re so easy to make and yet so tasty. Despite me saying that I need to bake more often, I never do! So maybe this season I’ll finally get up and do it? I’d love to decorate them with icing as well. I remember I once baked ~300 cookies for a Halloween party of mine, and my friend and I decorated all of them by hand. We had achy wrists after that… So this year I won’t make 300, but surely I can manage 50!

2 – Complete my Christmas decor

Okay, so, full disclosure: I had my Christmas decor up by the end of November 1st. BUT! I don’t have everything quite the way I want it yet. One of my garlands broke, and I need to replace both of them if I want them to cover my whole bookshelf. I need to get new pillow inserts, too, because I have 50×50 covers, but the biggest inserts I have are 45×45. I also seriously need some string lights. Not sure if Ill manage all of that before Christmas because I’m a huge procrastinator, but I can try!

3 – Learn how to wrap gifts properly

If it’s not square, I can’t wrap it. I seriously need to pick up some gift wrapping skills. I especially want to learn how to make gifts super pretty, like you see on Pinterest, but maybe I should take it one skill at a time. Still though, it would look so awesome if all the gifts under the tree looked like they jumped straight out of my Pinterest homepage lol.

4 – Take a walk through the snow

Will we be getting snow in the Netherlands? Probably not. Am I still adding this to my list? Yes I am. One needs to remain hopeful sometimes. I genuinely really like snow, and really wish that our winter will be nice and cold and that we get a nice, foot-deep layer. I don’t need anything more than a single foot. During our first winter in DC we got over 3 feet of snow, which was extreme for us sea climate people.

5 – Visit ICE Amsterdam

Okay, so for this one I would need to venture outside to where the people are. But, they are still open for skating. I’ve been to ICE Amsterdam once, and it was lots of fun. They close at the end of January, though, which is super soon. Outdoor rink season in the US always lasted until mid-March. Oh well, ICE Amsterdam will also be the perfect excuse for me to accidentally-on purpose find myself in Waterstones and the new Bath & Body Works store that just opened there.

And that’s all for my personal winter bucket list! But, if you need more ideas for yourself, here’s a little graphic I made with stuff you can do to make this season the coziest one yet!

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Winter bucket list graphic


  1. December 3, 2021 / 1:40 pm

    That is such a fun bucket list! I totally agree on the snow, it would be wonderful if it happened. *crosses fingers* Love the graphic, done a lot of those things already (drinking so much hot chocolate XD) but definitely would like to visit an ice rink… well provided they are open given all the COVID stuff now.

    • simonevanheijst
      December 6, 2021 / 11:07 am

      Thanks!! We’re both crossing our fingers for snow now haha. I think ice rinks can be open if they’re outdoor rinks, but even then, I wouldn’t want to go if it’s completely crowded ?

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