Inspiration – Blogmas 2020 Post Ideas

Happy last weekend of November! I love that 2020 is almost over, but I don’t love that the submission for my thesis is fast approaching… Anyway, just like with Blogtober, I thought I’d make a little post with post ideas for Blogmas!

In all honesty, I’m not even sure if I myself am going to participate in Blogmas this year. Like I said, my thesis is taking up pretty much all of my time. I don’t think I can manage to post something every day, but you’ll definitely see me post something!

Anyway, just because I might not be fully participating this year, that doesn’t mean I can’t help anyone else on their way! I hope you like these ideas and maybe use some of them!

Blogmas ideas graphic

The List:

  1. Your most anticipated December releases
  2. Your December TBR
  3. Do an end of year tag
  4. Tell us how you edit your pictures for Winter
  5. Tell us your wintery bucket list
  6. What your favorite cozy books?
  7. Show us what Christmas in your city looks like
  8. Make a list of the ugliest Christmas sweaters you can find
  9. Which books make you feel chilly?
  10. Go ice skating and document the experience
  11. Reflect on the year
  12. Show us your favorite festive outfits
  13. Show us the Christmas decor at for example your local garden center
  14. Tell us about some festive (corona proof?) activities in your area
  15. Tell us about your favorite things about Winter
  16. What are your goals for 2021?
  17. Tell us about your favorite books of 2020
  18. What are your most anticipated 2021 releases?
  19. Tell us about some funny Christmas traditions
  20. What are some Winter essentials in your opinion?
  21. Take us to your local Christmas market!
  22. Do a Holiday book tag
  23. Tell us about the Christmas culture where you’re from
  24. Reflect on your 2020 TBR – Did you read everything you wanted to?
  25. Happy Christmas! Tell us about the best Holiday food out there

And that’s it! I hope you can use some of these ideas for your own Blogmas posts! I really hope to make a post about a seasonal rink, since there are plans to transform our local prison (no prisoners anymore, lol) into an ice rink! That definitely seems bloggable.

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