How to have a stress free reading year

I’ve recently realized that for some reason I’m more concerned with making my reading goals than actually enjoying books. It kind of stresses me out, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. So in this post I’ll try to give some pointers on how to read, stress free!

Remember who you’re reading for…

… It’s you! You like books, so you read them for yourself! I’ve caught myself putting books aside, or not picking them up at all because of other people’s opinions on them. In order to read stress free I think it’s important to not be bothered by other people’s opinions too much. If you want to read a book there is really nothing stopping you from doing so. So go ahead and pick that book back up!

Be realistic in your goals

For the past years I’ve always put my Goodreads reading challenge between 30 and 50 books. This has mostly been manageable because I was still in college during that time, so I had a little extra time. I also don’t believe in stressing over college, so I had no problem procrastinating that paper in favor of reading a good fantasy book.


When planning your goals for the next year, take into account what your year will look like. Will you be working full time? Will you be super busy with classes? Maybe you’re planning to move across the country, who knows? Set your goal to reflect your daily life, and you will no longer be stressed about making it!

Don’t let other people’s goals make you feel bad

Speaking of reading goals, some people manage to read over one hundred books in one year. I personally am proud when I manage 50. Some people are always busy and a happy with 30. You do you. Everyone reads at their own pace, and everyone’s daily life looks different from yours.

Don’t set any goals at all

Maybe the way to have a stress free reading year is to just let go of all goals in general. Just read when you can, don’t keep track of how many books you’ve read, and enjoy the moment!

In all honesty I will probably do this next year because this girl is going to grad school and will probably only be reading academic texts.

Remember that reading is meant to destress

Reading is supposed to be a relaxing and calming activity for your busy brain. The point is completely lost if you stress about all the books on your TBR. I think deep down we all know we’re not going to be able to read every single book we own, let alone every book that’s on our wish list! My way of dealing with TBR stress is knowing that if I’ll never get to a book, I can at least donate it to another person.:)

Have you ever stressed about making your reading goals? What do you do to deal with this? Let me know!

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