Getting over a Book Hangover

I think we all suffer from it. Every now and then you read a book that just sucks you right in and then doesn’t let you go. All you want to do is go back into that world, and reading anything else is just pointless. So instead, you just don’t read anything at all.

I am talking about the dreaded… book hangover.

Getting over a bookhangover can be difficult. Sometimes, you don’t read anything for weeks because there’s just nothing that compares to what you’ve just finished reading.
Luckily, I have some tips for you that have worked for me in the past, so here goes!

Number 1: Try to find a book that resembles the one you just finished!
Say you’ve just read an epic fantasy novel with magic and dragons. Diving into a science fictions with space battles is probably not going to make your bookhangover go away. For me it helps if I gradually step out of the world I just came from, so I would choose another fantasy book to read!

Number 2: Find recommendations!
This tip kind of resembles the first one, but sometimes you just don’t know what to read at all. In that case you could reach out to fellow booklovers for recomandations! If you have a go-to bookstore in your area, the chances are that the people there could really help you find your next read. My face is by now well known at my local Barnes & Noble, and one of the employees is really good at recommending me new books. Also, the next time you order books online, check out the “others viewed this as well” section, you might be surprised!

Number 3: Sometimes you just need a break
I’ll admit, sometimes reading something else just doesn’t work. In that case, it is best in my view to do something else for a while! Try catching up with your shows on Netflix, paint that scene you’ve been wanting to paint since forever. It’s okay to take a break from reading once in a while.

These are things I like to do when I have a book hangover, but if you have other ways to kill that hangover, do let me know!
Here is what some other bookstagrammers had to say:

Roxanne from LostInAFictionalWorld said that she likes to reread the book that gave her the hangover in the first place!

Ainslee from JestAndHearts likes to reread an all time favorite, like Harry Potter! Most readers always have this one book/series they can always come back to.

Becca from BeccaLovesBooksBlog likes to read something completely different! While that has not yet worked for me, it might just be the thing for you!


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