How I Edit My Photos

Hello lovely readers!

Recently I put a poll on my Instagram asking whether you would want me to show you how I edit my photos. Well, most of you voted “yes,” so today I finally deliver!

Of course, the way I edit my photos depends on my theme at that moment. Right now, I am going for a heavy fall look, and my editing process is on the long side. I use a grant total of four photo editing apps, which are:

• Photo Wonder
• Snapseed
• Afterlight

I have the paid version of VSCO and Afterlight, but the other two are completely free!

Watch the video below for a step-by-step on how I edited my latest photo. A step-by-step description is listed below!

step-by-step description

• Use M5 filter with strength +8.5 – +9
• Save photo to camera roll

Photo Wonder
• Press on “effects”
• Use the “cool” filter (it is the first one!)
• Save photo to camera roll

• Press “tools” then press “details”
• Adjust “sharpening” to +50
• Press “tune image”
• Adjust saturation to -30
• Adjust ambience to +20
• Adjust highlights to +30
• Adjust shadows to -30
• Press “glamour glow,” then adjust glow nr. 4 to +20 – +25
• Press “tonal contrast,” then adjust “high tones” to +30, “mid tones” to +50, and “low tones” to +30
• Sometimes the covers of books in the photo will be overexposed. In this case, press “brush.” Then, press “exposure” and
adjust the exposure level to -0.3 or -0.7. Then brush over the area you want to affect.
• Save photo to camera roll

• Open the photo you just edited in Snapseed
• Press the “adjust” logo
• Scroll to the right until you see “selective saturation,” and lower the saturation for orange and yellow. Put the saturation
for red up to +2
• Press on the two circles at the bottom of your screen and press “dust”
• I always use dust 9
• Save your photo to camera roll

Before and After

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

And that’s it! Like I said, it is a pretty long process. But by now I know exactly how I want to edit my photos and apply this formula to all my photos.

Until next time!


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