Favorite Characters From Series – Six for Sunday

Happy Sunday! I decided to participate in a Six for Sunday post for today, as I haven’t posted in a while now… But I also haven’t finished a book in a hot minute either, so I hardly have anything to talk about! Thank god for weekly tags…

Anyway, Six for Sunday is hosted by A Little But A Lot, and you can find all the prompts per quarter year there! I like how every month has a certain theme, and since this month’s theme is series, the prompt is: your favorite characters from series.

Zuzana – Daughter of Smoke and Bone

If you’ve read my last Fae Friday post, you’ll already know how much I love Zuzana. She’s just so likable. The perfect best friend honestly, since she doesn’t give up on Karou once. She also just seems like someone I would totally hang out with!

Spensa – Skyward

I have a thing for weird characters. They’re usually the most funny and interesting ones, and Spensa is no exception. She’s also relentless. She has a goal and doesn’t stop until she’s achieved it. Spensa has one of the most interesting characters arcs I’ve read in a long time, too. It definitely isn’t a straight line, and I love how she further develops in Starsight, the second book.

Lila Bard – Darker Shades of Magic

Okay, aside from the funny and relatable characters, I also love a good badass character. Bonus points of they’re female. Lila Bard is all of those things, obviously. I haven’t met a reader yet who didn’t immediately like her. I love how out of all possible career paths to choose from, she chose to be a pirate.

Nina Zenik – Six of Crows

I mean, I really love all characters from Six of Crows, but Nina takes the cake (haha, that’s a pun). Utterly relatable, kind, but also a badass, she’s one of those characters people can look up to. She’s been through a lot in the series, but she never strayed from her path.

Nikolai Lantsov – Grisha Trilogy/King of Scars

My absolute favorite character from the Grisha world. Probably one of my favorite characters, from any book ever. If he would suddenly be real and walk into a party, I’d probably fall in love, let’s be real. Also, I know there’s a lot of Alina+Darkling shippers out there, but for me, Alina+Nikolai will forever be endgame.

Jude Duarte – The Folk of the Air

Last, but certainly not least, is Jude. I like her character on a different level than I like all the others in this post. All the above are mostly decent, good, friendly characters. Jude kinda… is not that. I like her more because I thought it was kind of refreshing to read about a main protagonist who wasn’t nice and friendly all the time. I really enjoyed all the crueler characters in this series. So I guess I don’t like her because she’s relatable, but more because she’s a well developed character, that does what she needs to survive.

Six characters for you! There are so many likable characters out there, buy these are the first favorites that came to mind. What are some of your favorite characters?


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