Fae Friday – Holiday/Wintery Books I Want to Read

Happy Fae Friday everyone! It’s been a while… Actually, it’s been a while since I posted in general! My parents got the keys to their new house a week and a half ago, and because I am just so awesome, I spent that week painting half the house… My wrists still hurt from holding a paint roller all day, haha.

Anyway, Fae Friday is hosted by Kristy @ Caffeinated Fae, and you can find all future prompts on her blog! All you gotta do is link back to her page and have fun with the prompt! Don’t forget to use #FaeFriday on your socials, so we can all find each other’s posts! Here is this week’s prompt: light holiday

“Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate! The prompt this week is: What is one of your favorite holiday reads? Psst. This can be a book about any holiday, not just Christmas.”

So fun fact: I’ve actually never read a holiday themed book. Like… ever. Not even a holiday that isn’t Christmas. Sure it’s mentioned in books every now and then, but it’s never the main theme. So instead of following the actual prompt, I’ll talk about some books with a holiday or Winter theme that I want to read some day!

My True Love Gave to Me book cover

My True Love Gave to Me

Stephanie Perkins (editor)

So I’ve had this one on my e-reader for like five years. No, literally. My friend put it on there five years ago when I was visiting. And I still haven’ read it… This book is an anthology of twelve short Christmas stories by authors I’m familiar and unfamiliar with. I totally should’ve started reading this twelve days before Christmas, like a-story-every-day kinda thing. Please someone help remind me to do this next year!

Christmas Shopaholic book cover

Christmas Shopaholic

Sophie Kinsella

This is the ninth Shopaholic book, and I have read far from all of them, but I still want to read this one! It seems like such a fun, lighthearted read. I don’t often read books of this genre, but Shopaholic somehow works for me. It’s the “what could go wrong?” followed by “literally everything goes wrong.” I remember it came out last year while I still worked at Barnes & Noble, and I believe we sold quite a few copies.
The Polar Bear Explorers' Club book cover

The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

Alex Bell

So I’ve known of this book’s existence since… today. I was watching (How to Train Your) Gavin’s top 50 Middle Grade Books of 2020 video earlier today, and this one popped up. I always enjoy a good middle grade book, and this one sounds like so much fun! Though I think I’ll also feel cold by the end of it… Snow queens, frozen wastes, frost fairies…

I’m gonna leave it at that today. I think I will try to read The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club this Winter, though! What are your favorite holiday/wintery reads?

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