Fae Friday – Favorite Shapeshifters

I finally have time (and books) to make another Fae Friday post! I have been released from my academic duties, so I can read and blog guilt free, finally. This week’s prompt is a nice one, it’s all about shapeshifters!

Fae Friday is a weekly tag created by Caffeinated Fae. Check out her blog for more prompts! Also DM her if you have any Fae Friday ideas for in the future. Like I said, this week is about shapeshifters, since some faeries can shift into animal forms. I had to think really hard for this prompt, because I honestly haven’t read about many shapeshifters that involve animal forms. So I’m going to take a bit of creative liberty here, and also include shapeshifting into non-animals!

Also! Uhm, spoilers for Throne of Glass and King of Scars. Unless you don’t mind knowing who the shapeshifters are, in which case carry on.

Rhen – A Curse so Dark & Lonely

First, a non-voluntary shapeshifter. This is a beauty and the beast retelling, but instead of constantly being in beast form, Rhen transforms only once in a while. I was honestly really surprised by this book. It was talked about a lot during its initial release, but it took me ages to pick it up because I really didn’t need another beauty and the beast retelling. But this one is actually really good and I loved it! I still need to read A Heart so Fierce and Broken, though…

Lysandra & Rowan – Throne of Glass

Going to start with some obvious shifters. The Throne of Glass series is one of my favorites. I love how as the series continued to expand, more characters and perspectives were added to the story. I’ve never been super fond of single POV stories, because I like having all the angles. We know that Lysandra can shapeshift into basically anything, which I think is really cool, and Rowan has his hawk form. If I could shapeshift, I would probably become a flying animal as well. It’d be awesome to see the world from above like that.

Nikolai – King of Scars

Gonna count this one as shapeshifting, even though it’s definitely not voluntary. Nikolai is my favorite Grisha verse character, and King of Scars left me in shock. It wasn’t as fast paced as Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, but I still think it’s a really good book. Also that ending?! Implications galore. I truly can’t wait for KOS 2.

Do you have a favorite book involving shapeshifters? What would you shift into if you could shapeshift?

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