Fae Friday – Favorite LGBTQ+ Books & Characters

Happy Fae Friday everyone! I hope you all are ready for the weekend. My plans consist of… doing nothing probably. We’re finally getting some rain and temperatures below 90 degrees, so I’m excited about that.


Fae Friday is hosted by Caffeinated Fae, and you can find all future prompts on her blog! All you gotta do is link back to her page and have fun with the prompt! Here is this week’s prompt:

“It doesn’t matter what letter in the LGBTQ+ alphabet you are, you are valid, accepted, and loved. July 31st is a day to celebrate the fantastic people who make up the LGBTQ+ community. That is why the prompt this week is: What is your favorite book that features LGBTQ+ characters?”

Upon reading this prompt, I immediately thought of several books, so I’m just going to list a few, instead of choosing one book!

Girl, Serpent, Thorn book cover

Girl, Serpent, Thorn

By Melissa Bashardoust

Starting this list off with a recent read. The LGBTQ part was a surprise for me in this one, probably because I did no prior research at all before buying this book except read the blurb. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll keep this next part vague. But I really did not like the first love interest. I got some bad vibes with them. So I was happy when we got a second love interest who I liked a lot more! If you’re interested, I have a full review of this book right here!
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet book cover

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

By Becky Chambers

This book does not only have LGBTQ characters, it has interspecies love! I really enjoyed this book, it made me so happy. It is definitely a work of science fiction, but not that hard on the actual science part. There is plenty of action and a real plot to speak about, but the story is really more about the characters. I might even go so far to say that the book is an exploration on the topic of love. I highly recommend this book!

The City of Brass book cover

The City of Brass

By S.A. Chakraborty

Ah, my favorite. I will not go into detail about who the LGBTQ characters are, because I would consider it a spoiler. So instead, I’ll just repeatedly tell you to read this book. Y’all ready?

Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book.
The Priory of the Orange Tree book cover

The Priory of the Orange Tree

By Samantha Shannon

I’m low key still surprised I read this book. Large adult fantasy books always seem so intimidating. But in the end it really wasn’t. And you don’t have to finish a book within a few days. It’s okay to take your sweet time! I believe this book was marketed as having f/f romance, which is part of why I was intrigued. I must admit I have not read that many books with f/f romance. The other part that intrigued me was the dragons, obviously.

A Darker Shade of Magic book cover

A Darker Shade of Magic

By V.E. Schwab

If you like fantasy but haven’t read Darker Shades yet, uhhhh, what are you doing?! Go read it! I loved every aspect of this series. The characters, the plot, the world building. I wish I could live in Red London! Anyhoo, this series has one of my favorite m/m couples, because they’re so darn cute!

That’s it for today! There are many more books in the back of my head right now, but listing them all would make this post huge. These are my favorites though! Have you read any of these books? What is your favorite book with LGBTQ characters?

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      I loved all these books so much!

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