Bookstagram 101

So you’ve finally made the decision to make a Bookstagram. You want to share your love for books with the rest of the world. That’s great! But, now what?

Even before posting your first picture, I think it’s important to ask the following questions to yourself:
– Do you want to stick to a theme?
– What kind of editing apps will you use?
– How often will you post?

I personally like having a consistent theme for a while, so if that’s your jam too, I suggest investing in some cool props! My favorite places to buy props are Michael’s, AC Moore, and even the Dollar Store. Especially the Dollar Store is great for fake flowers because, well.. they’re only a dollar. I usually go to the craft stores for seasonal and bulkier stuff.

Next up: editing apps. Even if you don’t like placing filter over filter, tweaking the lighting and contrast of your pictures will help a great deal making them appear lighter, brighter, and overall prettier. You can use the Instagram app, or download any other app from the app store. My personal favorite that I use every single time is VSCO. I have the paid version, and it is worth it. You have so many filters to choose from, and you can adjust individual colors so you can make that one specific color pop! Either way, it’s not a bad idea to research the best photo editing apps. A quick google search will get you there!

Now it’s time to start posting. In the beginning I think it’s important to post as often as possible. You want people to get a feel for your account. Posting once, sometimes even twice a day will help you quick start you Bookstagram.

Use those hashtags! The algorithm will screw you over at one point, so it’s important to change up your hashtags every once in a while, but keep them related to your picture.

Time to follow some of your favorite Bookstagrammers! However, just following them is often not enough to make them notice you (although I scream every time one of my favorites follows me back). Like a bunch of their pictures, comment on their recent posts, you can’t go wrong with this! Interaction is key.

Some Bookstagrammers host monthly challenges. It’s a good idea to participate in these, because the hashtag they use is one of a kind, so your posts will likely be seen by the hosts. If you’re lucky, they might even give you a shoutout in their own story, which always generates new followers.

Speaking of shoutouts, don’t be afraid to give your own favorites a shoutout in your story. It is always appreciated when someone puts you in the spotlight.

That’s all I have for now! If you have any Bookstagram tips of your own, feel free to leave a comment!

Until next time!

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