All of My Bookish Candles

I love me some bookish merchandise. I have a small collection of a little bit of everything now, but my favorite type of merch is definitely candles! Here’s a list of the ones I have, listed by fandom.

If you’ve read this post, you know that I love candles that smell fresh and like the outdoors the most. Most of the bookish candles I own smell exactly like that as well!

Throne of Glass and a Court of Thorns and Roses

  • Starfall by a Courts of Candles
    This beautiful glittered candle has notes of moonlight, sea breeze, and wine. The result is an incredibly fresh smell that definitely makes me think of warm nights at sea.
  • Rhysand by Wick and Fable
    One of my absolute favorite candles I own. This beautiful purple candles has notes of ocean breezes, night sky, jasmine, citrus and musk. It gives me the same feeling as my Starfall candle, but with a more manly smell to it.
  • Winter Court by Wick and Fable
    This is one of my favorite candles to burn. It has a lovely scent that subtly fills up my room. There are notes of white woods, snow crystals, everlasting frost, frozen musk, and icy pear. It reminds me of deep snow and cold, sunny days. I love it.
  • Hello Princeling by Wick and Fable
    Here’s another candle with a manly smell. This one has woodsy notes, and smells like lavender, cool water and violet. This candle is based on Dorian from Throne of Glass and definitely smells like a combination of nice cologne and winter. Which I think is fitting.
A Court of Thorns and Roses candles

Six of Crows

  • Inej by Wick and Fable
    For some reason when I bought this I didn’t check out the scent, so it was a total surprise when it got delivered. Where all the candles above smell very fresh, this one reminds me of warmth and fudge. It has notes of warm caramel, walnuts and vanilla.
  • Kaz by Wick and Fable
    I couldn’t get an Inej candle without also getting Kaz. This is also one of my favs to burn. It smells so good! The candle has notes of leather, coffee beans, bergamot, and sandalwood. The result is an excellent manly candle that smells somewhat spicy and fresh at the same time.

Strange the Dreamer

  • Weep by Wick and Fable
    I only have one Strange the Dreamer candle, and it was a total label buy. Is that even a thing? It is now, I guess. It’s just so pretty!! The candle has notes of chilled night mist and cedar wood.

Shatter Me

  • Warner by Spidey Scents
    I needed this candle after it was announced we would be getting more Shatter Me books. It has notes of bergamot, sandalwood, lavender, and amber. It smells amazing.
  • Kenji by Spidey Scents
    I’m very sad because I can’t find a link to the actual candle and it smells so good! It has a very strong blood orange smell that reminds me of summer.

Daughter of the Pirate King

  • Alosa by Spidey Scents
    Unfortunately, this one got pulled out as well. It has an awesome top layer of glitter though, and notes of coconut, spiced vanilla, and Caribbean teakwood. It’s the perfect pirate smell that reminds me of tropical seas!
  • Riden by Spidey Scents
    I couldn’t even find a picture online for this one, let alone a link. But this one smells amazing as well! It has notes of citrus, bergamot, ocean breeze and coastal sandalwood. It’s similar to the Alosa candle but a little more fresh smelling thanks to the citrus.
RIden and Alosa candles

And that’s it! Do you have any bookish candles? Which ones are your favorite? Any favorite candles shops?

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